Get Involved

Would you like to help make Fort Worth a more livable city by addressing important issues that impact the community? Email and we’ll help you find your fit in our grassroots coalition.


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Help Fight SB4:

Community Outreach: This is the greatest need in the fight against SB4. United Fort Worth is partnering with our friends at Indivisible FWTX to canvass neighborhoods with information about SB4. Are you nervous about going door-to-door? We’ll pair you with an experienced canvasser who will show you the ropes! Email admin@UnitedFW to get started.

Contact City Leaders: Make sure local government leaders know you support the City of Fort Worth joining litigation against SB4. Write, email and call the following officials:

Mayor – Betsy Price

City Manager – David Cooke

Assistant City Manager – Fernando Costa

City Secretary – Mary Kayser

City Council Members:
Access a complete list of City Council representatives and get contact information here.

Attend Community Workshops: United Fort Worth hosts weekly Community Workshops to organize efforts against SB4. Visit us on Facebook for meeting notices.