Citizen Presentations

Individuals who wish to participate in Citizen Presentations must sign-up in advance using one of the options explained below. United Fort Worth has arranged with the City of Fort Worth to provide a translator who will assist with Citizen Presentations as-needed.

Tips for successful Citizen Presentations:

Please remember that Citizen Presentations reflect on the SB4-opposition movement as a whole. Courteous and respectful presentations are requested. The following suggestions will help ensure successful and effective presentations:

  • Do not address City Council representatives or the Mayor individually. Address the Council as a collective group.
  • Do not use swear words or foul/inappropriate/disrespectful language.
  • No name-calling.
  • Keep a level tone of voice (no yelling or screaming).
  • Avoid cheering or otherwise calling-out from the audience.
  • If multiple speakers appear to be saying the same thing (i.e. I want the council to oppose SB4) without providing new information, the Council may ask that other speakers who intend to say the same thing to simply state that they agree with the previous speakers or speaker. If this request is made, please comply.